The wineshop

The wineshop is the new shop recently inaugurated by La Caneva dei Biasio, where you can find all the wines in production, the best Treviso tastes as well as many tastes and wines from other parts of Italy. In the shop, you can find the best present for every occasion…

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Every day the eating house “LA CANEVA” offers dishes and recipes from the traditional Treviso folk tradition, accompanying them with the right, accurately sorted out wine, that’s why in time it has become a meeting place for workers and colleagues during lunch time….Gianna and Giuliana are waiting for you in the kitchen...just eat and see!

News (in italian):


Online la nostra Brochure per portare con te i nostri vini anche senza internet.
RabosoPassa alla Bottega del Vino, ti faremo assaporare uno dei più tradizionali sapori della Provincia di Treviso, il Raboso, la tipicità fatta a misura di un perfetto sapore. La bottega del vino è aperta tutti i giorni tranne la domenica.
dalle 9.00 alle 12.00
dalle 15.00 alle 19.00