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Eighty years handing a glass, forty years spent bottling wine. This is the history of La Caneva dei Biasio, leader of the bottling in Riese Pio X. In the Castellana’s countryside, a few kilometers from Asolo’s hills and Valdobbiadene, “La Caneva dei Biasio” has been carrying on its long passion for wine since the Twenties. At that time Giovanni, nick-named “Biasio”, grandfather of the present-day partners, decided to open an “osteria”. Then his son, Angelo, carried on his father’s wishes by opening the winery in 1955. Many things have changed, since then. LA Caneva dei Biasio has become an international group, exporting its products worldwide; manufacturing processes have been improved by introducing new technologies, which have elevated quality standards; the winery’s areas have been developed and rationalized thanks to a new working plant; the “osteria” has turned into a well-known eating house (“trattoria”) even though still run by a family management.

Carlo, the enologist, personally follows the grapes’ growing in the cultivation areas and carefully selects the best wines to be bottled. Sergio and Miriam deal with the business’ administrative aspects and, right from the office, impress on the bottles the aroma of expertise. As for Walter, he is in charge of the foreign relationships and takes care of the whole trading activity. Even if then, once out of office and of their institutional role, the thing they are mostly attracted by is always the same: to prepare and bottle the wine all together. Four times, half a century and one goal: letting you drink the best wine ever.

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