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Wine is man’s good friend! That’s the idea around which La Caneva dei Biasio’s wine shop was born.

Vintage and wine are typical elements of the Italian identity since the very origins of the seduction wine has begun wielding on man. As time went by, this has created a cultural meaning, still recognized despite the changes which characterized the perception of wine in the Italian society and despite the use of advanced technologies in the manufacturing process, in the marketing and in the communication of wine.

That’s why the wine shop is fashioned in a 50s’ style which should remind of the production revival of the second postwar period and the related gaining of excellence, and that’s why it offers a cultural event related to music, art or cooking every month.

Inside the wine shop you’ll find not only all the wines offered by the winery La Caneva dei Biasio but also the best products of Italian enology, with different prestigious labels selected for you by our sommelier Valter. In order to be faithful to our origins, everything dwells within the ancient cellar where Giovanni himself began his activity.

What really distinguishes our wine shop is the gifts: we can pack the products in selected wrappings and also advice you with the right combination and taste, in fact the wine shop also offers many culinary specialties (cheese, honey, marmalades and jams) which combine very well with the labels you’ll choose.

Selecting wine is always a matter of style!


Open every day except on Sunday

Morning from 9.00 to 12.00

Afternoon from 15.00 to 19.00

Info: 0423-483236